Just north of Atlanta sits a unique pocket of young professionals. From Sandy Springs to South Forsyth, these men and women are connected by a stretch of highway known as Georgia 400. But we believe the potential for connection is so much greater than just a road. That’s why we are creating a variety of opportunities for you to hang out and find your people this fall. If you’re interested in a good hang while exploring a specific topic for a few weeks, sign up for one of our 8-week groups.


Men's Groups

Sometimes bro time is the best time. Laugh and learn with a group of men that are choosing to get out of their caves and into community.


women's Groups

Looking for a place to belong, explore faith, and wear yoga pants all at the same time? Then look no further than a women’s group. We take “come as you are” seriously!


Mixed Groups

Consider it the combo platter of our groups menu! These circles can be a group of couples (married & unmarried), men and women who are looking to connect and grow alongside one another. They are the ultimate #squadgoals.


Couples' Groups

Looking for other couples to do life with this fall? Whether you are married, engaged, or need to DTR, couples groups are the place to be with your bae.