State of NP/NIGHTS

A few months ago, during a life check-in with my counselor, we were talking about contentment. As I lamented my restless spirit and desire to know what to do with my life right NOW, she listened patiently, nodding. I yammered on about how I felt purposeless, confused, and frustrated and how I wanted to be where I was supposed to be with God’s stamp of approval sooner rather than later. 

She smiled kindly and chuckled a little, saying, “Slow is better than fast.” 

In her wisdom, she spoke about how we often get impatient, zero in on the end goal, and go full steam ahead without stopping to take in our surroundings. Ambition and the desire to do and make have consumed our generation such that the “future-focused” mentality has eclipsed the “living in the here and now” mentality.

“You know,” she pointed out, “half the fun is getting there.” 


It’s been a year since NP/NIGHTS was conceived. It’s been six months since NP/NIGHTS officially launched. It’s been a journey of growth and challenge and change. And every step of the way, we’ve stopped to really take in what’s happening. Yes, there’s a hope for more lives to be impacted and more messages to be shared. But right now, we’re in a sweet spot. It’s summer, and we’re six months into this awesome journey, so we’re celebrating. The church, of all places, should be fun, engaging, and celebratory. That’s why this summer is dedicated to fun. Every Sunday after NP/NIGHTS, there’s a Block Party. 

Yep. A party. At church. 

We’re stopping to take in our surroundings. We’re in the “getting there” phase of this process, and it’s a lot of fun. So we’re going to lean into that. 

If you’ve been coming for the past few weeks, you’ve experienced the power of the Block Party for yourself. And if you haven’t . . . come on out! There’s really nothing like King of Pops, a Waffle House truck, or shaved ice to round out a solid Sunday night.