In 1621, leaves were falling; the wind was howling and ripping at the cheeks of the men who found themselves in charge of hunting for food; wives were at home preparing tables while children played on the soft, cold ground of newly settled land. That evening, once the men had returned home with their findings, English settlers bumped knees and elbows with Native Americans. Putting down their weapons and their doubts and forgetting their differences, they were thankful together; they laughed together; they served one another and celebrated together and ate with each other. 

On that first Thanksgiving, the word “family” was a very loosely used term. Today, we sit with cousins and parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents, and we celebrate life in each other’s presence.But what if family looks more like different skin tones, different languages, different last names? What if family looks more like nodding across the table at a person who walked through the trenches with you when you lost your job or took you to dinner the night after you graduated from college? What if “family” and “Thanksgiving” today looked more like it did in 1621? 

We’ve sat around the fire with you. Now we want to sit across the table from you and cut into a juicy turkey with you. We want to hear about all the things you are thankful for and all the things you are hopeful for. We want to bump knees and rub elbows with you and your friends. And we want you to bring your favorite Thanksgiving dinner side dish! We’ve got the turkeys and the coffee and the dessert [shhhh, it’s a surprise!]

We already know the first thing we are going to tell you we are thankful for at this NP / NIGHTS Friendsgiving: you and your friends and this new adventure we are going to be embarking on in 2016! 

Cannot wait to see you on November 15 at 7:00 PM in the Attic at NPCC! Bring your friends! 

All inclusive. You’re invited. Always.