A Message from Mallory

Well, friends, it’s 2018! NP/NIGHTS is beginning a new season and I'm pumped to share with you where we are headed.

As you probably know, NP/NIGHTS is entering into its third year of ministry. We started in 2015 with events, then launched our weekly gathering on Sunday nights in 2016, and in 2017 we moved to Wednesday nights. We’ve seen baptisms, people stepping into serving at our church, stories of life change through our small groups, friendships formed, music created, hot topics discussed, events attended…people’s faith ignited after a long time away from God and the church. In 2018 we are so excited and eager to see what God does next with this little start up community at North Point.

Over the years we’ve had various vision statements as we’ve been very much building this airplane while flying it. We’ve said

“All Inclusive”

“A church for the young and young-at-heart”

“Come as you are”

…and all of these statements are still very true for our community, but as we launch into this new season of NIGHTS, I think there is an even simpler purpose behind our vision.


As we push out our content digitally on our podcast, as we lean into more short-term groups and new expressions of groups (online groups y'all!), as we begin to meet everything we do, we want people to experience MORE LIFE.


We want people who feel

hopeless…to be encouraged  
just coasting…to find purpose
depressed…to find joy
bored with God…to become curious
lonely…to find belonging in community
performers/hustlers/achievers for God’s love…to find grace and rest 
the judgmental…to find empathy for “the other” 
the self-focused…to give their life away


We want, in everything, for people to find more life. To become more fully alive. To become more fully who God has created them to be.

We think Jesus is the absolute best marker for how to live more fully. His life and ministry is the best example I’ve seen as to what it means to love extravagantly, radically, to be all-inclusive, to show others that they can come exactly as they are, and not as they "should be". That they can both be fully known and yet fully loved.

And that’s what we want to be about at NIGHTS as well.

We are Jesus-followers, who create community experiences where people are empowered to become more alive.


The best is yet to come!

Mallory Boyle | NP/NIGHTS Director